The Beating Heart
Season: 4
Episode: 10
Original airdate: January 5, 2016
Written by: Andrea Newman
Directed by: Reza Tabrizi
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Short and Fat
Next episode: The Path of Destruction


Members of Firehouse 51 band together and anxiously await word at Chicago Med when one of their own falls victim to a life-threatening stabbing. Cruz urgently works with members of Chicago P.D. to track down Freddie's whereabouts when he goes missing. Dr. Choi and Dr. Halstead tend to an attempted suicide victim whose condition raises some eyebrows. Meanwhile, Mouch surprises Trudy and Chili's odd behavior has Brett and Jimmy worried.


Main CastEdit

Guest StarsEdit


  • Ralph Rodriguez as Freddie Clemente
  • Anthony Ferraris as Tony
  • Lorena Diaz as Nurse Doris
  • Amanda Marcheschi as Nurse Dina
  • Alex Weisman as Paramedic Allen Chout
  • Ron Stevens, Sr. as Spider
  • Noel Jusino as Wool Cap
  • Michael David Hammond as Big Boy
  • Crystal John-DeMey as Resident
  • Paul Fagen as Oscar
  • Marcus Hendricks as Uniformed Officer
  • T Murph as Cabbie
  • Killian Hughes as Alex


Background information and NotesEdit

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