Natalie Manning
Name: Natalie Manning
Alias(es): Nat
Profession: Emergency Department pediatrician
Family: Lou Conte (father)
Carol Conte (mother)
Marital status: Widowed
Spouse(s): Jeff Manning (deceased)
Children: Owen Manning (son)
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Torrey DeVitto
Seasons: Med: Seasons 1, 2
First episode: Med: Derailed

Dr. Natalie Manning is a doctor who specilaizes in pediatrics and emergency medicine in Gaffney Chicago Medical Center in Chicago Med.


Dr. Natalie Manning, an emergency pediatric medicine specialist. "Despite being a new mom, she's still entirely focused on her patients, working sometimes to the point of exhaustion. Fortunately, Natalie has her hospital "family" to look after her.

Chicago Med
Seasons Season 1Season 2Season 3
Current characters Will HalsteadNatalie ManningApril SextonSarah ReeseConnor RhodesEthan ChoiMaggie LockwoodSharon GoodwinDaniel Charles
Former characters

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