Ambulance 61
Ambulance 61
City: Chicago
Type: Ambulance

Ambulance 61 is a CFD Ambulance that is stationed at Firehouse 51.

It is a white, with blue and red stripes, box style ambulance based on a Ford Chassis. On the driver side front door it has the full name and year of birth and death of former Paramedic Leslie Shay.

Crew Edit

Rank Name Seasons assigned to Ambulance 61
Paramedic-in-Charge Gabby Dawson 1-2, 5-
Paramedic Leslie Shay 1-2
Paramedic-in-Charge Peter Mills 2-3
Paramedic Sylvie Brett 3-
Paramedic-in-Charge Jessica Chilton 3-4
Paramedic Jimmy Borrelli 4

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